Hydro Excavation

Get your excavation done the right way. Save time, money and environmental impact by using hydro excavation. Our state-of-the-art Allvac AV7000H hydro excavation machine uses a combination of a water blaster and an industrial vacuum unit to loosen and remove soil and debris, to safely and reliably dig without cutting or impacting services hidden in the ground.

What is Hydro Excavation?

The hydro excavation uses pressurised water to safely excavate soil while protecting underground utilities and minimising environmental impact. This makes it ideal for a wide range of applications, including:
-Slot trenching
-Daylighting utilities
-Underground service installations
-Vacuum excavation

Benefits of Hydro Excavation

You can reduce the risk of utility strikes during excavation projects by precisely removing soil with pressurised water, preventing damage to buried infrastructure. Additionally, its non-destructive nature minimises the likelihood of injuries to workers and bystanders compared to traditional digging methods involving heavy machinery.
Hydro excavation offers unparalleled efficiency in excavating buried utilities and delicate infrastructure, as it allows for precise control and minimal disruption to surrounding areas. By swiftly removing soil, hydro excavation accelerates project timelines, enabling quicker completion of tasks compared to conventional excavation methods.
You can tackle a wide range of soil types and environmental conditions, from sandy soils to rocky terrains and everything in between. Whether for trenching, potholing, or daylighting, hydro excavation adapts seamlessly to diverse project requirements, making it an ideal choice for various industries such as construction, utilities, and municipal services.
You can minimise soil disturbance and reduce the likelihood of contamination to surrounding areas, particularly in sensitive ecosystems or urban environments using hydro excavation. Additionally, the use of water as the primary excavation agent promotes sustainability by mitigating the need for harmful chemicals and preserving natural resources compared to traditional excavation methods.
Hydro excavation is a flexible form of excavation, requiring only one truck and one operator. This means we’re available 24/7 for your hydro excavation needs, even in emergency situations. Our brand new machine means you don't have to worry about it being out of action when you need it most.

Our Certifications

Our Civil Works Projects and Contracts

Locals and visitors alike will be pleased with the Canvastown village upgrade. With significant works was done Infront of the historic Pelorus Tavern Trout Bar hotel to restore access to the car park and facilities.

As the pivotal subcontractor for Simcox Construction, CMT Group is spearheading the project's progression. Taking charge of the construction phase, CMT Group, under the leadership of Construction Manager Jeff Valk, is excited about the positive...

The new year brings with it some new faces around CMT Group. Let's extend a warm welcome to the new members joining our growing team.

Situated in the heart of Blenheim, New Zealand, the Echo Masts project has recently emerged as a distinguished exemplar of innovative design and meticulous execution.

Turn off South Street and discover the blossoming Patchett Way community. We're thrilled to announce the successful completion of the final stage of our ambitious 15-house subdivision project in Marlborough.

Our team successfully completed the construction of a new covered passenger walkway within an extremely tight three-week timeline.

Sometimes, making the most of your land means bringing down older buildings to pave the way forward. The old Blenheim working men's club in Russel Terrace has been left in disrepair for some time. So,...

We have the right equipment to keep costs low and sustainability high. Our concrete crushers and screener create valuable top soil resources that help bring our projects and yours to life.

Our second biggest residential development to date has come to completion. The 10-home development is an import milestone for our company and the community.

Kāinga Ora - Homes and Communities have entrusted our Marlborough-based Civil and Building Construction teams to deliver their large new development.

We’ve just finished a large stage of the iReX project, in Waitohi Picton. In collaboration with Kiwirail, Interislander and many other stakeholders, the Temporary Terminal was delivered to spec and on time. There was a...

iReX Train Turntable
Waitohi Picton

We’ve finished a large stage of the iReX project, in Waitohi Picton. In collaboration with Kiwirail, Interislander and many other stakeholders we created the train turntable. The new turntable will ensure better accessibility for locomotives...


Takapūneke reserve has been a high-profile project for CMT Group and likewise the Council. We’ve been humbled by the opportunity to work alongside the Ōnuku Marae and stakeholders to see this project come to life.


The extension of the Motorworld Blenheim showroom was a showcase of our building team's workmanship.

Vernon Drive Reservoir
Lincoln, Canterbury

A new water reservoir was required by Selwyn District Council to help support the ever-increasing new developments in the township of Lincoln, Canterbury.

Tunnel 21

CMT Group's civil construction team was subcontracted for the re-alignment of the rail line bypassing the Tar Barrel Tunnel.

We were chosen as a subcontractor to upgrade the old Redwood Care Facility and replace it with a brand-new, modern build to better suit residents’ needs.


A commercial redevelopment to provide a better more efficient workspace.

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Working with the Civil Team at CMT Group is always a breeze from start to finish. Anton and his qualified colleagues have worked on more than one of our HEB Construction jobs so we knew we could trust them to get the job done right, namely on Tunnel 21, a replacement of Marlborough’s oldest train tunnel. Most of our projects require a variety of plants and resources to undertake earthmoving development, drainage, and roadworks. We’re consistently impressed with CMT Group’s dedication to quality and of course, safety above anything else. From the very first proposal, there were no surprises, they kept an open communication channel with us the entire time. We’re happy to recommend them to anyone planning to deliver civil works.
Delroy Riley - Heb Construction Ltd
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