Vernon Drive Reservoir


Selwyn District Council


Lincoln, Canterbury


November 2020



A new water reservoir was required by Selwyn District Council to help support the ever-increasing new developments in the township of Lincoln, Canterbury.

From the ground up this project was constructed by staff from various divisions within the Christchurch division of CMT Group. Beginning with our skilled and trained excavators, drivers, qualified drainlayers, foundation specialists to the Licensed Building Practitioners.

Civil Construction of Vernon Drive Resevoir

Vernon Drive Resevoir has been constructed to the highest quality possible with all the perfectionists overlooking every aspect of the build.

The almost one million-litre capacity reservoir consisted of unique tilt slab panels made by Cancast in Rolleston. The curved panels were lifted into place consecutively to form the reservoir. Once all panels were stood up there was a gap between each one which needed to be boxed internally and externally. Then the concrete was poured in place. Lastly the concrete roof of the reservoir poured.

In front of the reservoir is the pump station which houses all the pumps. The pumps draw the water out of the bore pipe which is located behind the water reservoir, and it goes through a series of treatment. It goes through UV treatment and later can also add chlorine, and then it is pumped in the reservoir.
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