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Fabulous Prefab

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Save on time, money and environmental impact by considering prefabrication. We can create your new building in our yard and transport it to your site faster than traditional on-site building.

Renwick Water Treatment Plant

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As the pivotal subcontractor for Simcox Construction, CMT Group is spearheading the project's progression. Taking charge of the construction phase, CMT Group, under the leadership of Construction Manager Jeff Valk, is excited about the positive...

Fresh faces in 2024

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The new year brings with it some new faces around CMT Group. Let's extend a warm welcome to the new members joining our growing team.

Echo Masts: Elevating The Quays to New Heights

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Situated in the heart of Blenheim, New Zealand, the Echo Masts project has recently emerged as a distinguished exemplar of innovative design and meticulous execution.

Success off South Street

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Turn off South Street and discover the blossoming Patchett Way community. We're thrilled to announce the successful completion of the final stage of our ambitious 15-house subdivision project in Marlborough.

Smashing success

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Sometimes, making the most of your land means bringing down older buildings to pave the way forward. The old Blenheim working men's club in Russel Terrace has been left in disrepair for some time. So,...

Subterranean at Summerset

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Our civil team have been hard at work bringing Summerset's vision for its Blenheim development to life.

CMT Group is crushing it

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We have the right equipment to keep costs low and sustainability high. Our concrete crushers and screener create valuable top soil resources that help bring our projects and yours to life.

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