Fabulous Prefab

Our Canterbury team have been hard at work mastering a different type of project, prefabrication. Prefabrication means your building project is created off-site and then transported to you. We can create your new building in our yard and transport it to your site faster than traditional on-site building.


Why choose prefabrication?

Building offsite comes with a plethora of benefits.

-Prefabrication is faster and cheaper. Building on our site reduces travel time, material transportation, hazard spotting and so much more. Time saved means reduced labour costs and saves you money.

-Our building facility has great security to ensure your build is well protected throughout the construction. Our High fences, enclosed yard and security cameras mean you can have peace of mind as your project is underway.

-Carbon-conscious clients rejoice. Less travel to the site on the day-to-day means less fuel burned and less environmental impact.

-CMT Group always strives for quality work, building from our site ensures better oversight and quality control. We can always monitor materials and work to ensure your project is completed to a high standard. Your materials can be stored under cover until they’re needed, reducing potential weather damage.

-Health and Safety is easier. With fewer tradies overlapping on site and more pre-established controls in place, there are far fewer potential hazards. Less time working around others and focusing on hazards means more time for progress and safer builders.

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