How We Work

We’re committed to making our workplaces safe for everyone, from employees and subcontractors to visitors and the public. Our Health and Safety Management Systems exist to ensure all processes within our organisation are safe. We have a robust recruitment process and commit to comprehensive, ongoing safety training for all workers. As part of our safety culture, we include all staff in regular discussions about how to improve safety together.

Construction Leaders in Health and Safety

Subcontractors form a large part of CMT Group’s workforce, and we make sure they understand and participate in our safety systems and share our safety values. Working with our subcontractors to improve safety is critical to achieving our goal of always safe, healthy, well and match-fit people.

To make it easier for all our people, we use cutting edge SHE software to make smarter health and safety decisions in everything we do. All employees and subcontractors have an app on their phones to provide real time information on hand when required.
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Health & Safety Certifications

Our Process

Before commencing any contract, we undertake the necessary planning procedures with you as our partner, including the following (but not limited to!)
Design budgets
Projected timelines
Communication protocol
Project deliverables
Health and safety
Reporting procedure
Environmental reports
Hold regular internal planning meetings
Regular senior management discussions
Regular health and safety meetings with all staff
Team briefing with the project managers, site/support teams including admin, health and safety personnel
With our team ready to go with pre-construction, this stage is the final agreement of the construction contract. It often includes negotiations, contract preparation and answering any other queries needing to be addressed.
Now that the project is all approved, our construction delivery team has a complete handover from the planning team. Our operations manager who has been involved from the beginning, will head this to ensure all protocol is adhered to and that the project runs smoothly. CMT Group considers all aspects of the project, to ensure that it is in line with our promise to you. We are strict on adherence to quality control, site health and safety, and ensuring that construction standards and industry best practices are upheld, including site signage etc...
Upon completion, before the handover, we thoroughly clean the site and remove all temporary markings and materials.
We pride ourselves on services and deliverability and will see you as part of the CMT Team. We will always be available to answer any questions and 100% stand by our workmanship.

We encourage you to fill in our post completion feedback survey for an anonymous or open review of the work done.
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