Our Journey

CMT Group is an ever changing, family owned business and has provided excellence in civil work, landscaping, paving, commercial and residential construction throughout Marlborough, Canterbury and the South Island for over 26 years.

Excellence in Construction for Over 26 Years

Our dedication to invest in skilled staff and bespoke machinery puts us above the rest when it comes to concrete, building and tactiles. With a diverse range of skills across the company, CMT Group can help you with almost any construction job or health and safety tactile solution right across New Zealand.
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construction progress on Snell bridgeconstruction progress on Snell bridge
Redwoods care facility constructionRedwoods care facility construction

The CMT Difference

We employ nearly 100 staff and an ever-growing family of machinery, diggers and unique tools help us get the job done. Our kiwi ingenuity and years of experience with New Zealand soils and landscapes means we know the best way to approach land alterations and create built-to-last construction projects.
We have strong inhouse project management capabilities with an emphasis on providing a large range of services without compromising on quality.

Our Brand Journey

Conpavers Logo

Conpavers Civil

Jonathan Faulkner had already established a Landscaping and Civil Construction Company, Conpavers, back on 1st July 1996, in 2012. Conpavers became Conpavers Blenheim LTD, and remained under the ownership of Jonathan. The construction side complemented the civil side well and 20 odd years down the track is a well oiled and founded establishment.
MC construction logo

Marlborough Construction

Which was initially founded in 1999. Operated under the watchful eye of Alistair Faulkner (who happens to be one of Jonathan's older brothers)
Alistair operated the business and built a solid reputation for providing quality construction work throughout the Marlborough region, until Jonathan purchased the business from Alistair in 2011.
Total Tactilez Logo

Total Tactilez

Since purchasing Barrier Free Solutions in 2010 and rebranding it to Total Tactilez™, we have transformed the business into one of New Zealand’s leading suppliers and installers of Tactile ground surface indicators, ground safety/non-slip products. Our ever growing product range, and industry experience and expertise, means that we are able to provide knowledgeable service and high-quality workmanship to the nationwide market, with a full supply and install service, from Cape Reinga to Bluff (and beyond).

Our History

The year when Microsoft launched the iconic Windows ’95, The All Blacks lost the rugby world cup to South Africa, and the song by TLC “Don’t go chasing waterfalls” was top of the charts.

But back in cosy little Blenheim, one man WAS chasing waterfalls in the landscaping and paving industry. Jonathan Faulkner, a young hardworking family man, was at the start of his career. He was working for his father-in-law to create dry cast pavers for across Marlborough and Nelson customers
By July 1996 Jonathan, who had noticed a gap in the paving installation market, decided to pack up his skills and start a business in Marlborough. And just like that, Conpavers was born, with the name giving kudos to the abbreviated words “concrete pavers.”

This was no overnight decision to make. Jonathan had a young family, lots of responsibility and often only a couple days work a week up his sleeve. But like any budding entrepreneur, he took it in his stride and with some blood, sweat and tears, started out on his Conpavers journey.

He didn’t start with much. A trustworthy truck, wheelbarrow, shovel and a rake were all he needed to deliver projects on time to a high quality. Jonathan remembers his first commercial job well, as it set the foundations for a thriving relationship with Downer Construction. 

“It was an exciting paving job down a small street called The Willows, in Springlands, Blenheim. I still remember getting the paycheck!” says Jonathan.

From here, many more great relationships were developed including with Fulton Hogan on the Marlborough Ridge development. If you take a drive down the ridge, you'll notice the paved entranceway.
Going back to one of the first 'momentous', high pressure jobs Jonathan worked on was the 'critical path' which consisted of laying pavers around the shop fronts of the forum in Blenheim CBD in 1998.

His team of just three people, Daniel Fisher, Richard Kenyon, and himself laid 30m of pavers a day, in the middle of winter. 
Jonathan says “We turned up rain or shine, to get each section complete so the shop could open the next day, that was pressure!”.

2001 arrived and the decision was made to buy some land for a headquarters to provide a home base for the growing team. Around the same time, the historic Train Station in Blenheim was moved to make way for a large roundabout. Jonathan and the team worked to aid the relocation and lay the aesthetic pavers that now surround the icon.

The team grew with the addition of Dale Faulkner. Dale started with us in 2001 and is still our longest serving staff member.

2007 - 2009
Conpavers grew to become a real asset to the Marlborough community. You can find many iconic landscapes across the Marlborough region that feature paving work from Conpavers. This includes the Queen Charlotte lookout completed in 2007, and the paving at London Quay 2009.
2010 - 2011
Fast forward to 1st April 2010 Jonathan purchased Total Tactilez which is managed by son Jayden, and later acquired MC Construction in 2011. In the same year, Conpavers and MC Construction spread their wings to the Canterbury region.
2018 - 2022
In 2018 it was decided to amalgamate the three brands into one house called CMT Group.

Along this journey all Jonathan and Rowena’s children have established roles within the company, something that makes Jonathan immensely happy. “Each have brought their own talent and skill to different sections of the business, allowing for incredible growth and development. Further acquisition of staff has enabled the company to double in headcount from 35 since 2018 to 72, and growing, in 2022.”
Jonathan's advice for anyone getting in the paving/construction industry "It requires long hours and hard work, but there will always be a future in it!"
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