Perfecting Project Management

In the dynamic landscape of project management, CMT Group is leading the charge with a proactive approach. Adam Carrington, Civil Project Manager, sheds light on the new initiatives that have redefined project management practices within the organization. By leveraging our internally used project management software, we ensure streamlined processes and efficient collaboration, ultimately delivering enhanced value and satisfaction to our customers.


One drive

The adoption of OneDrive has transformed how CMT Group manages documents and fosters collaboration across teams. By bringing together all documents into a centralized platform, accessibility has significantly improved. Team members can seamlessly access and share documents, facilitating real-time collaboration and speeding up workflows. The careful organization of files ensures that relevant documents are readily available, leading to increased efficiency and project quality.


Process flow

At the core of CMT Group's project management strategy lies a specially designed process flow. This comprehensive document lays out each step of the project, from initial planning to project completion. Tailored sections for different project types, including small-scale projects, emergency works, and tenders, provide clarity and guidance for team members. Every step is detailed, with assigned responsibilities ensuring accountability at every stage. This structured approach minimises errors, improves communication, and guarantees seamless project execution.


Miro Board

The integration of Miro Board has revolutionized project visualization and resource allocation at CMT Group. This tool serves as a digital canvas, allowing project managers to organise tasks, allocate resources, and track progress in real-time. With a user-friendly interface, team members can easily visualise project timelines, identify critical milestones, and collaborate effectively. The Miro Board provides invaluable insights into project dynamics, enabling effective decision-making and ensuring resource optimisation.


CMT Group remains committed to driving efficiency and excellence in project management through continuous innovation. By leveraging technologies and refining processes, we aim to surpass industry standards and deliver exceptional outcomes for our clients. With a relentless focus on improvement and adaptation, CMT Group will keep growing and improving our processes.

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