Renwick Water Treatment Plant

Renwick's journey towards the completion of its Terrace Road water treatment plant reaches a significant milestone as the project advances.

Functioning as a key subcontractor under Simcox Construction, CMT Group has been entrusted with the pivotal role of overseeing the construction aspects of the water treatment plant. Simcox is now poised to hand over the reins to the specialized expertise of Mason Engineers, heralding the commencement of the installation phase for the treatment equipment and controls.


Jeff Valk, the Construction Manager, expresses the significance of the collaboration, stating, "Building our relationship with Simcox on such an iconic town feature was very important to us. We're looking forward to seeing the water treatment plant up and running to serve the community."

Mark Power, the Council's Projects Engineer, emphasizes, "Upon the successful completion of all tasks, Renwick will proudly boast a water supply that aligns with the latest national drinking water standards, ensuring paramount safety and security."



Mason Engineers is on the cusp of initiating the fit-out of mechanical and process equipment. Following the Christmas break, the integration of electrical equipment will seamlessly follow suit.

The remaining tasks encompass the installation of two underground and one above-ground tanks, the creation of an access road, and the implementation of fencing. Additionally, landscaping is scheduled to commence in the imminent future.

In the intricate web of construction, CMT Group has played an instrumental role, spearheading the majority of the building works. Simcox, on the other hand, has successfully concluded underground services, building foundations, and pipeline installations.

Renwick's water upgrades have unfolded with the triumphant completion of a new reservoir in 2020, the operational launch of water meters in July 2021, and the drilling and development of new wells at Conders Bend Road.

The past year witnessed the strategic installation of a new water pipeline, seamlessly connecting the wells to the reservoir and water treatment plant site. Marking a pivotal moment in Renwick's commitment to enhancing its water infrastructure, the testing phase of the water treatment plant is eagerly anticipated in March 2024.


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