Echo masts installation

Situated in the heart of Blenheim, New Zealand, the Echo Masts project has recently emerged as a distinguished exemplar of innovative design and meticulous execution. Commissioned by the Marlborough District Council and Blenheim Business Association, this undertaking has breathed vitality into the revitalized riverside enclave, known as "The Quays."

CMT Group have worked on two stages of this project. The first being subcontracted to Fulton Hogan in the implementation of "The Quays" project, transforming an underutilised riverside space into a stylish and functional area. Our responsibilities encompassed paving and the construction of a large viewing platform with ascending steps and ramps leading to the site for the Echo Masts. 

Between the months of November 2022 and January 2023, we worked on the second stage of the project. Implementing the Echo masts. 


Our operational scope extended far beyond routine construction tasks, encompassing intricate activities such as excavation, tree relocation, underground civil engineering, and detailed landscaping. Each strategic step was a thoughtful manoeuvre, orchestrated with precision to seamlessly integrate the Echo Masts into the existing landscape. The result is an elevated and stylish public space within The Quays, where each visit tells a captivating story.


The history of the Echo resonates with our founder, Jonny, whose father worked for Eckford & Co Ltd which resumed the bi – weekly sailing to Wellington from Blenheim after the war in 1944. It’s lovely to see that through generations a memory like this can be restored in the heart of Blenheim. In the early days of CMT Group, Jonny also laid many of the pavers around the Quay and, with his team, installed the woodwork on the aesthetic viewing platform. A great way for visitors and locals alike to view the Taylor River.


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