iReX update September 2023

Our construction and civil team have been busy working to create the foundations for the next significant parts of this project.
A new car rental facility has emerged just across the road from our Temporary Terminal, streamlining travel for passengers who can now easily pick up their rental cars and explore Marlborough. The swift relocation of these facilities was possible thanks to our skilled team and their well-established civil foundations.

Parallel to the freshly completed Temporary Terminal, we're preparing the site for a Mechanical Depot—a crucial hub for locomotive engine maintenance once the new port is operational. We're currently engaged in essential civil works, including site excavation and the laying of new foundations to support this sizable structure. Additionally, plans for an operations office on the site are in progress.

Parts of the gangway are being removed and are being salvaged for recycling. They’re taken offsite, refurbished, and will be used again.
The new temporary raised walkway is taking shape with concrete slabs being laid to support the steel framework, ensuring a safe path for passengers from the Ferry to the temporary terminal.

Stay tuned for further updates as we continue to shape the future of iReX
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