Precision in Picton- KiwiRail Mechanical Depot

Despite the uncertainties surrounding the deliverables and scope of the larger project, we are dedicated to completing the iReX work to the highest quality standards. Our commitment is showcased by the Mechanical Depot and Operations Building for KiwiRail in Picton. These new facilities will enhance the efficiency and safety of train servicing and repairs across the South Island.

With extensive experience working near railways and our recent inclusion on KiwiRail's panel of trusted contractors, this project is a perfect fit for our team.

Key capabilities:

  1. Installation of a gantry crane in a confined space
  2. Working on or near the railway corridor


Progress on the Mechanical Depot

The construction of the Mechanical Depot is well underway, with many milestones already achieved. The Mechanical depot is under the process of receiving its first electrical fix, the first and second plumbing fixes and data cable installation. The building’s Kingspan cladding, roofing, and internal concrete works have been successfully completed, staying right on schedule. The next major step involves laying new rail tracks, which will seamlessly integrate with the existing rail line.


Advancements in the Operations Building

Simultaneously, the Operations Building is progressing smoothly. Key systems such as electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and heat pumps are being installed. The interior fit-out is nearing completion, with painting, kitchen setup, and flooring (carpet and vinyl) already finished. Site Manager Scott Guthrie said "The highlight of this project has been all the CMT Staff and subcontractors. They’ve acted very professionally and put in the hard work to keep everything on track."



Overcoming Challenges with Expertise

Despite the impressive progress, these projects have not been without challenges. The halt of other iReX project works has introduced several logistical hurdles. One of the most significant challenges was the installation of the gantry crane in the Mechanical Depot. Given the depot's dimensions- 45 meters long, 10 meters wide, and 8 meters high—the crane fitting required precision to within half a millimetre. This level of accuracy was achieved through the team's extensive experience and attention to detail, ensuring that every component met exact specifications.


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