Directional drilling - Less stress and less mess

Think your next project needs extensive trenching? Think again.

Directional drilling may be the solution you didn’t know you needed. Save on time, money and environmental disruption with a minimally invasive option. Our specialised equipment bores precise holes in a variety of directions, easily working under roads and around service, stopping the need to repeat work.

Directional Drilling's core advantage is traversing waterways and rugged terrain without altering bridges or above-ground installations. This preserves pipes, ensures precise installation, and underscores our leadership in sturdy directional boring equipment.


“Just drill it” -Weluke


Trenchless methods minimise disruptions and remove the need for excess digging, slashing time, and costs. Our rig enables efficient conduit installation and allows for time savings for you. Our rig can drill up to 90 meters from a single spot and our skilled team and specialised equipment allows us to work around existing services to significantly reduce risk of damage.


You can take advantage of reduced labour due to quicker operations, and minimal dirt disturbance that cuts expenses. Fewer permits, easy mobility, and enhanced access contribute to administrative and operational savings.


Traditional methods disrupt the soil with earth removal and contamination. Opting for a directional drill aligns with eco-conscious goals in cable, sewer, and utility installation. Save yourself time, money save the environment by opting for the least disruptive option; directional drilling.



Previously known as JJS Drilling, our experienced operators have a minimum of 10 years of experience each. Weluke and John have the knowledge, experience and equipment to get your job done right with minimal disruption. The team have drilled all over New Zealand and even in Sydney. They have experience in operating drills from five thousand pounds all the way up to sixty thousand pounds showing their versatility.


JJS drilling started off as a family company with brothers Weluke and Tama starting the company in the midst of Covid 19. The team saw an opportunity and need for directional drilling in Marlborough and have been using their honed skills to improve Marlborough infrastructure ever since. Their Father John eventually joined the team and now Weluke and John operate as part of CMT Group.


We offer the only directional drilling rig based in Marlborough. For all your directional drilling needs, contact us at


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