Staff Feature: Todd the Truckie

Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of a truck driver looked like?

Every day, Todd and our dedicated truck drivers haul loads across vast distances.

With us, a typical day could mean they travel from the Wairau Valley quarry to the Whale Trail project near Picton, and all the way back to our Grovetown yard, to name a few destinations.

Talented drivers need to have great communication skills as they are often signalling to digger and loader operators who are filling up their vehicle. Todd has mastered this over the years and has formed amazing comradery with his colleagues to get trucks filled seamlessly.


Todds vehicle can carry an amazing 21 tonne, and with his skills, can be pivoted into tricky spots on small sites. This enables efficient filling across demolition sites and quarries.  

Since joining us almost 7 years ago, Todd has been an invaluable asset to our team, tirelessly hauling goods across Marlborough and playing a crucial role in streamlining our projects.  

Our team of 5 truck drivers, including Todd, ensures that resources are delivered precisely where they're needed, allowing our operators to excel in their work. Not only do they transport materials to site, but they also efficiently remove excess materials, clearing the way for speedy project completion. 

We're pleased to have him on our team, and we look forward to continuing to support and celebrate the incredible contributions of all our staff members who make our success possible. 

Watch this video to hear why Todd loves his role with us. 

Are you a civil operator or STMS? Join Todd and the rest of our crew and start your career with CMT Group today. 


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