Subterranean at Summerset

Our civil team have been hard at work bringing Summerset's vision for its Blenheim development to life. This collaborative effort, working in tandem with Simcox, has truly been a testament to unwavering dedication and the willingness to overcome all odds. From battling the elements to plumbing the depths, this project is more than just bricks and mortar—it's about shaping a future for an aging population.



Led by the seasoned Site Manager, Stu McLachlan, this dedicated team has taken charge of a multitude of crucial tasks. From drainage trenches to sewer lines, communication pipes to stormwater systems, and intricate benching, their workload is nothing short of formidable. The Blenheim development is slated to accommodate up to 267 villas, cottages, and units, each designed to cater to the unique needs of an aging demographic. With Simcox, we are installing over 70 manholes, 50 sumps, and a staggering five kilometres of pipes that interconnect seamlessly to make it all possible.



Challenges Faced

The project has encountered its fair share of challenges. The colder months, in particular, posed a considerable obstacle, necessitating relentless dewatering efforts to maintain smooth progress, especially when dealing with greater depths. Many of the underground services have been buried as deep as 4.5 meters below ground level with the pump station as low as 6.5m. This required constant awareness of and response to excess water in trenches and holes to ensure continuous advancement. However, as the warmer months approach, the team anticipates a more favourable environment, with less water to contend with, making the work significantly smoother.



Recent Milestones

In recent weeks, the focus has shifted towards benching, stormwater management, and deep drainage. The crew has shown remarkable progress, with various deeper work areas transitioning into their next phases. Site Manager Stu McLachlan emphasized the team's unwavering commitment to safety and precision: "Health and Safety has been a top priority as we work. We are focused on making sure we leave good, tidy work before we move on, so each area is ready for its next stage."



A Glimpse of Progress

The first 15 homes have already completed construction and are on the verge of being available for pre-sale. The coming months promise even more completed homes, signalling the ongoing transformation of the Blenheim development.

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