Success off South Street

Turn off South Street and discover the blossoming Patchett Way community.

We're thrilled to announce the successful completion of the final stage of our ambitious 15-house subdivision project in Marlborough. Patchett Way, our fifth and largest subdivision in the South Island is a testament to dedication, innovation, and community collaboration. It showcases our ability to turn challenges into opportunities and exceed expectations. Site Manager Rob Miller played a crucial role in keeping the project on track, ensuring it stayed on time and within budget, ultimately delivering outstanding results.



Construction kicked off last December with our civil team laying the groundwork for Patchett Way, preparing services, and creating foundations for all houses. The construction team promptly completed eight two-bedroom homes, each equipped with modern amenities. These homes were quickly occupied, providing much-needed housing to the community.

Stage two has just been completed and is ready to welcome its new residents The remaining seven homes cater to the diverse needs of the community, ensuring inclusivity and comfort for all.


After completing stage one, navigating a tighter site brought additional restrictions and Health and Safety protocols. However, our team, alongside dedicated subcontractors, seamlessly adapted, maintaining, and surpassing the high standards set in stage one.

Other milestones include:

  • Working with Waste Management to increase our recycled waste from the site to 42%. This includes scrap metal, cleanfill and cardboard.
  • local contractors involved in the competition of the project.
  • On the ground training for a new CMT Group apprentice .



To commemorate the handover of Patchett Way, we hosted a BBQ feast on-site, utilising our new state-of-the-art BBQ trailer. This celebration was an opportunity to express our gratitude to all involved, including a special thank you to Kāinga Ora for trusting us with this milestone project.

Site Manager Rob Miller expressed his satisfaction with the project, stating, "Working with Kāinga Ora has been a great experience and has led to a smooth handover of the homes. The Team, sub-contractors and Kāinga Ora have been awesome to work with. Everyone involved in the project has worked to a high standard to ensure that quality homes have been built. This has been a massive project and I have appreciated everyone being seamless to work with."


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