Boulevard Park on Taylor


Marlborough District Council




December 2020



This is a fantastic demonstration of our civil capabilities on a major subdivision. On Stage 7 of the Boulevard Park on Taylor, the Marlborough District Council engaged CMT Group to carry out all sub-division works as a main contractor. Our scope of works included:
Site clearing/scraping
Bulk excavation of trenches for drainage lines
Installation of new drainage lines and systems (stormwater and sewer)
Installation of manholes, inspection joints, sumps, etc.
All concrete/paving works, including preparation
Road formation.
Civil Earthworks for Boulevard on Taylor Pass

This project included the whole scope of subdivision works from the initial site clearing through to the final touches onsite such as the landscaping.

Civil Earthworks for Boulevard on Taylor PassCivil Earthworks for Boulevard on Taylor Pass
Brick laying at Boulevard on Taylor Pass

A major part of this project was the drainage works, which included pipelaying and compaction of trench backfill.

Our skills and experience with working in this area meant that when faced with challenges on this project, such as dust, we were prepared to deal with it effectively.

Our work on this project only enhanced our good working relationship with Marlborough District Council. In addition to our work on Stage 7, CMT Group have also completed all concrete and paving works such as footpaths and crossings in Stages 1-6 and the drainage works in Stage 6 of the Boulevard Park on Taylor development.

Civil Earthworks planning for Boulevard on Taylor Pass
Arial view of Boulevard on Taylor Pass
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