New quarry to boost civil construction capabilities

March 24, 2023


We’re pleased to announce the acquisition of a new quarry in Waihopai Valley, Marlborough. 'Spray River Flats Quarry' marks a significant milestone in our growth and expansion plans and will greatly enhance our ability to deliver gravel for our projects. This coincides with our strategic plan to deliver more civil projects across the South Island in the next 5-10 years.


The quarry spans over 40 hectares and is based around 45km from our Head Office. As per council regulation, around 20,000 cubic meters of gravel will be extracted a year and replaced with clean fill from our other construction sites.


"We are thrilled to add this new quarry to our company's portfolio," said Jonathan, Managing Director of CMT Group. "This acquisition not only strengthens our civil construction capabilities but also demonstrates our commitment to providing our clients with exceptional service and reliability."


The site will be operated by skilled and experienced CMT Group staff. “We’re anticipating this will create full time roles for at least two team members per year.” Says Jonathan. While the excavation will only take place for 18 weeks of the year, truck drivers removing the gravel will be able to access the site from 7am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday and 7am to 3pm on Saturday’s. Our state-of-the-art crusher will be working on site during the designated weeks to refine the gravel.


With sustainability in mind, we’ll also restore every cell of excavated land. This will enable nutrient dense grazing land for animals in the future. Our dedication to Heath and Safety means that sediment and dust control will be mitigated on site. Even a new driveway has been established to ensure traffic safety.


Gravel is a very in-demand product in the civil industry, and purchasing the land enables diversification within our business. Therefore, guaranteeing business continuity in these turbulent times.

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