Gold-standard upgrade in Canvastown

Improved Access and Renewed Appeal for Pelorus Tavern Trout Bar

The historic village of Canvastown has undergone a significant upgrade, restoring access to the carpark and facilities of the iconic Pelorus Tavern Trout Bar hotel. Years of flooding had taken a toll on the area, making a revamp much needed.

Canvastown boasts a rich history dating back to 1864, when gold was discovered in the Wakamarina Valley. The town boomed, attracting up to 6,000 miners who built a bustling community with tents, restaurants, and taverns. While the gold rush subsided within a couple of years, Canvastown's legacy lives on.



Over the last three months, a dedicated team led by Nick Faulkner and James Stagg transformed the area in front of the Pelorus Tavern Trout Bar. The upgrade involved extensive work, including excavation, foundation building, pavement installation, and aesthetic improvements. Patrons can now enjoy improved access, a new toilet block ramp, and a visually appealing space with exposed aggregate and chipseal finishes.


The project adhered to strict safety and quality standards, ensuring a lasting and functional upgrade for the Canvastown community.


This is a timely project with a recent article in the Marlborough Express delving into Canvastown's colorful history. The excerpt recounts a reunion of old residents 110 years ago, commemorating the 50th anniversary of the gold discovery. It highlights the pivotal role the gold rush played in shaping the region and the enduring spirit of Canvastown. 


Today, Canvastown continues to thrive, seamlessly blending its rich gold mining history with modern-day appeal. The recent upgrade to the Pelorus Tavern Trout Bar area is a testament to the ongoing efforts to preserve Canvastown's unique character and ensure its vibrancy for future generations.


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