Smashing success

At CMT Group we’re all about building for the future. We strive to use our many capabilities in the civil and construction industries to create infrastructure that will stand the test of time.

But sometimes, making the most of your land means bringing down older buildings to pave the way forward. Our demolition team can bring your derelict building down, pull out that cracked concrete, remove decommissioned underground services and we can even get your new build underway.


The old Blenheim working men's club in Russel Terrace, was purchased by the Marlborough District Council in 2017 and has been left empty in the time since. The building was in a state that would have required extensive work to get up to a commercially usable standard and the decision was made that the existing building would be demolished.


Commencing in mid-November, our dedicated team has swiftly and safely initiated the demolition process. Armed with heavy machinery and a wealth of experience, the CMT Crew is ensuring the efficient dismantling of the existing structure. The project is well on track to reach completion by mid-December, leaving the property ready for the Marlborough District Council's visionary plans for the area.



Do you have an aging property that deserves a second chance? At CMT Group, we invite you to explore the possibilities for your next project. Contact us at 0800 147 433 to discover how our comprehensive capabilities in the civil and construction industries can bring your vision to life. Let us be the catalyst for transformation in your development journey.


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