Patchett Way


Kāinga Ora




December 2022 - November 2023

We’re pleased to announce the successful completion of Patchett Way, a groundbreaking subdivision project located in Marlborough. Last week we handed over the keys for the completion of the second stage of this development – seven two-bedroom accessible homes. This also marks the completion of the subdivision with a total of 15 dwellings built to very high standards. 


The Patchett Way project has been a testament to our commitment to excellence in civil and construction capabilities. This undertaking represents our fifth and largest subdivision in the South Island, showcasing our proficiency in delivering exceptional results for our customers. Site Manager Rob Miller has successfully led his team to deliver results on time and to budget.  


The initial stage of the project saw the construction of eight two-bedroom homes, which were handed over in July year. These homes quickly found tenants who are now happily residing in them, underscoring the success of the development in meeting the needs of the community. 


The completion of the second stage, comprising the final seven two-bedroom accessible homes will provide a crucial asset to our client Kāinga Ora and represents a significant contribution to accessible and inclusive housing in Marlborough. These homes are designed to meet the highest accessibility standards, ensuring that they cater to the diverse needs of the community. 

Patchett Way stands out not only for its scale but also for the positive impact it has had on the local community. Our subcontractors really helped us cross the finish line and we’re glad we can rely on local people to see the project through. Special mention to: 

The project has generated employment opportunities, stimulated economic growth, and, most importantly, provided quality housing options for individuals and families in Marlborough. 


To celebrate the handover we treated all involved to a BBQ feast on site using our new state of the art BBQ trailer. A special Thank you to Kāinga Ora for trusting us with this milestone project and working with us to provide excellence in accessible community housing.  


As we celebrate the successful handover of the second stage, we reflect on the collective effort, dedication, and expertise that have gone into making Patchett Way a reality. Our team has demonstrated unwavering commitment throughout the project, overcoming challenges and ensuring that every aspect of the development meets the highest standards. 


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