CMT Group & iReX update March

March 1, 2023

The iReX temporary terminal is coming together well.

With less than two months until the project is finished, the reusable building is almost complete. Strong enough to last at least four years while the main terminal is built, it will help passengers on their journey to enjoying the new electric ferries.

The unique reusable, steel framed building has been used before and when kept in good condition, will be able to withstand many more years.


Recently our Human Resource Manager Hetty Kirby visited the site. “Having significant projects like this means our staff get fantastic opportunities to build iconic improvements in the community.”

“We’ve had a variety of our team make the easy commute from Blenheim to work on this project daily. It’s involved our civil and construction team to date” She says.



The build is almost at the finish line. The remaining work includes:

-Finishing electrical

-Digging up the road and connecting plumbing

-Putting up Gib board

-Installation of flooring

-Connection of AC systems

-Construction of crossings

-Final fitting



The project has faced a few challenges along the way. The building required extra enforcing against weather conditions due to its exposed location. Extreme weather led to some minor delays, but the project is well on track.

One highlight from the recent works is having the Kiwi rail crew out to check out the progress after all the walls went up. “It was fantastic to see the larger Kiwi Rail team” Says site manager Scott Guthrie. “The iReX development is huge so for them to come and see the ground work was very uplifting for our team.”


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