The Awatere Hub


Awatere ECE Hub Trust


Seddon, Marlborough


November 2021


$2.4 Million

This project was conceptualised after the 6.5 Christchurch earthquake in 2013 and the 7.8 earthquake in 2016 left damage to the Awatere Early Childhood Center. The Plunket building was red stickered and the Playcentre was also damaged. Ongoing costs were getting too much to fix these buildings so an alternative was sought. Fundraising began and soon enough their target of $2.4M was realized thanks to an array of generous sponsors such as Lotteries NZ.

It wasn’t without its ups and downs. We managed COVID-19 freezes and consequently material supply issues and increased costs. It was important to us that the build went on so we absorbed these costs and managed the supply issues with our fantastic network and storage abilities.

Awatere ECE Hub was a remarkable project pulled together by some inspirational fundraising. Originally conceptualized after the earthquakes, the community rallied together to achieve a shared vision - a single hub that could preserve the different services for tamariki and whānau.

Here's four things you may not know about the project:

  1. CMT Group were awarded the fixed price contract for this unique build which gave the committee reassurance on the actual cost from the outset.
  2. The fundraising committee led by Phil Muir, started this project over four years ago.
  3. This is the only Early Learning Centre in New Zealand that comprises of Plunket, Playcenter and an Early Childhood Centre.
  4. CMT Group were able to leverage our internal resource of Civil capabilities and Building capabilities to get the job done.

We really hope this hub brings a lot of joy to the community; it’s been a pleasure to be involved.

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