SPCA Dog Quarantine Complex

One of the most notable projects undertaken to complete a building wing constructed for the Royal New Zealand SPCA in Canterbury. This new wing of the SPCA was designed for the quarantine of dogs and cats that have been mistreated and who need desperate or critical care. In the complex, there are 48 separate dog rooms, each with an external (easily forgiving) and internal area (for those animals still too timid to show themselves to the world), and 12 cat condos. Each animal has room to recover where they can get a chance to feel safe and get accustomed to their tenderly loving carers. They are kept cosy during the cooler winter months with heaters in each room and cool during the hotter months we all crave so much. The entire building is maintained at moderate to warm temperature with HVAC systems to ensure comfort to the animals and staff alike. There are veterinary and operating rooms to treat animals as soon as they come in. Storage rooms for medicines, food and areas to wash and clean dogs.

Conpavers worked to do all the earthworks, site works, drainage, foundations and preparation for concrete pours. MC Construction came in to do all the construction and complete the entire building. Landscaping and finishing of the exterior was completed by Conpavers, constructing the carpark and doing the civil side of the project. There were some trades that assisted with this construction who were amazing to deal with as was all SPCA staff who were accommodating during the entire construction. CMT Group was responsible for the entire construction, from earthworks, drainage, groundwork, foundations through to the construction and finishing.

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