iReX project update December 2022

December 16, 2022

Submerge yourself in an update of week 19 of the iReX project in Waitohi Piction

The highlight of the last few weeks was undoubtedly the 225 m3 of concrete that was poured at the temporary terminal to make the new solid foundation. The pour progressed truckload by truckload starting at the crack of dawn. Boxing was established as they progressed, to allow the concrete trucks and pumps to freely move during the pour. Frames, earthquake and wind bracing are now being installed. This additional bracing was added to ensure safety in the high-wind region.


This week the awe-inspiring new roof has been installed. The roof is an inflatable thick canvas that can expand, and contract, based on weather and temperature conditions. This canvas roof will save on resources for this temporary build, meaning less waste when time comes to build the permanent structure. When asked about the durability, Project Manager Scott Guthrie said, “It’s very durable, you could ride a motorbike on it.” The walls are currently going up and the project is really starting to take shape.



We’re working alongside many companies including Simcox, Kiwirail, Port Marlborough, Fulton Hogan, WSP, and many local businesses to get this done with minimal disturbance to the public.

In addition to the temporary ferry terminal, we’ve also been working on the new train turntable. This was a necessary addition to accommodate the new access way for trains to board the new electric ferry. The old turntable was around 70 years old. CMT Group were responsible for the excavation, foundations, concreting, and blockwork. The turntable has now been fully installed, successfully tested, and should be fully operational shortly.

Project Engineer Grayson Pritchard said "The turntable relocation was a great start to the iReX project. Requiring coordination and collaboration between several key stakeholders, CMT Group was able to deliver a key piece of infrastructure for KiwiRail. The turntable was a unique project with some big challenges, but CMT Group is proud to be part of this exciting time for Waitohi Picton."




As locals, we love the fact this is something that will be remembered for years to come and are excited to be part of the build. If you’re interested in following the progress head here


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