BP and Go Bus EV Charger installation

June 2, 2023


At CMT Group, we’re driven by a passion for building a sustainable future. Our commitment to making a difference in sustainable transport development has led us to work on some outstanding projects, further enforcing our commitment to a sustainable future. These two project examples showcase the implementation of electric vehicle chargers in Canterbury.

Procurement efficiencies

For these projects, stock was to be ordered and managed well in advance. Our efficient procurement systems meant we could lock in product early, secure good pricing, and commit to record installation times. From steel to bollards, all materials could be stored safely at our site in Canterbury, ahead of time.

BP charger

Photo courtesy of BP


Project 1: BP EV charger install across Canterbury.


Aligning with BP to Expand EV charging infrastructure:

CMT Group is actively engaged in this initiative, with our dedicated Canterbury team leading the way in bringing electric power to the South Island. To realize BP's vision of 'electric inclusion,' we have partnered with Gahan Energy and Clarkson's Electrical as a subcontractor to deliver these installations.

BP have chosen to install Tritium chargers, commissioned by Jump Charging, in over 50 sites across New Zealand. Jump Charging are the only authorised Tritium service agent in New Zealand. We’ve worked closely with our clients and Jump Charging to ensure a seamless transition when they come do the final tests and commission the chargers.


Photo courtesy of BP


Technical capabilities

At CMT Group, we believe in sharing not only our successes but also the challenges we face in delivering exceptional outcomes for our clients. In these projects, our team encountered several challenges that tested our expertise, creativity, and problem-solving abilities. We are excited to highlight how we mitigated risks and achieved efficient solutions in the demanding environments of a petrol station. Here are some notable examples:

  • Mitigating risk in highly controlled spaces: Working underneath a forecourt

One of the major challenges we tackled involved working in a highly controlled space underneath a forecourt. We implemented stringent safety protocols and collaborated closely with our clients to ensure the well-being of our team members and the successful completion of the project. Through meticulous planning and adherence to safety guidelines, we were able to navigate this complex environment effectively.

  • Managing fire and spark risk during excavation

Excavating machinery inherently carries the risk of fire and sparks, especially in sensitive areas. Our team implemented comprehensive fire and spark risk management strategies to minimize any potential hazards. By employing state-of-the-art equipment and ensuring adherence to rigorous safety protocols, we successfully completed the excavation work without compromising safety or project timelines.

  • Flexible and Efficient Team for Managing Customer Disruption

Customer disruption can be a significant challenge during construction projects. Our dedicated and adaptable team worked tirelessly to minimize any disruptions to our clients' operations. By employing efficient project management techniques, clear communication channels, and swift problem-solving skills, we were able to mitigate customer disruptions while ensuring the project progressed smoothly.

  • Coordinating with Onsite Contractors

In complex projects like this, multiple contractors often work simultaneously, necessitating effective coordination and communication. Our team demonstrated exemplary project management skills in managing various onsite contractors. By fostering collaboration, establishing clear lines of communication, and proactively resolving any conflicts or bottlenecks, we ensured a seamless workflow and achieved project milestones efficiently.

These technical challenges provided valuable opportunities for growth and innovation, allowing us to demonstrate our expertise and commitment to delivering exceptional results. We overcame obstacles while maintaining the highest standards of safety, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Key installations:

Our collaboration has resulted in successful installations at various BP locations, including:

  • Fendalton,
  • Russley Road,
  • Edgeware,
  • Marshlands,
  • QE II,
  • Rangiora,
  • Ravenswood,
  • Richmond and Timaru.

These strategically chosen sites play a crucial role in enhancing the accessibility and availability of EV chargers in both urban and rural areas.

Driving towards a greener future:

Our efforts align with the New Zealand Government's plan to gradually phase out fossil-fuel-powered vehicles. The current emissions plan sets a target of having 30% of the Government fleet composed of zero-emission electric cars by 2035. By contributing to the expansion of the EV charging infrastructure, we take a significant step toward reducing national emissions and transitioning to a more sustainable transportation system.

Success and efficiency:

CMT Group's Christchurch Branch Manager, Ross Baynes, proudly acknowledges the achievements of our team in completing installations swiftly and effectively. Through the hard work of Efren Estrella and Ian Hamlin, we accomplished an entire site installation in just six days, a remarkable feat. The quickest completed for BP so far. Our commitment to providing a seamless service with minimal disruption to our clients has been instrumental in our success thus far.


Go bus 1

Project 2: Go Bus EV charger install, Maces Road Depot Christchurch
Another step in Canterbury’s future

We’re excited to be a part of the Go Bus electric vehicle transition in Canterbury. As a subcontractor to ECL group, we constructed the first Go Bus electric charger depot in New Zealand.

Based in Maces Road, the depot which consists of 25 Siemens EV chargers is the first in a network of electric vehicle chargers at Go Bus depots across the region. The buses were purchased in partnership with Environment Canterbury, and they are part of Go Bus's commitment to transitioning its fleet to zero emissions by 2035.

Unique capabilities

The project utilised both civil and construction skills from CMT Group. Our nimble team were fast to roll out the specialist equipment in time for a prestigious opening day. We used our own fleet of bespoke equipment to lay the way for the electrical services.

The electric depot is equipped with a charging station that can charge all buses at once. The charging station is powered by renewable energy.

The electric buses have been well-received by the public and passengers have praised the buses for their quietness and comfort. The buses have also been a success with drivers, who appreciate the ease of operation and the lack of emissions.

The Go Bus electric depot is a significant step forward in the transition to a zero-emissions transportation system. The depot is a model for other bus companies around the world, and it shows that it is possible to operate a fleet of electric buses without compromising on performance or passenger comfort.

We’re committed to helping New Zealand transition to a cleaner, more sustainable future. Our involvement with the Go Bus electric vehicle transition is a major step in this direction.


Expanding Our Impact:

At CMT Group, we embody the value of "building for the future" in every project we undertake. As we continue to grow, we are excited to announce our collaboration with ECL Group in installing Z Energy chargers throughout the South Island.

The first one will be implemented at Z Energy Sawyers Arms Road in Christchurch. Our Health and Safety team have recently achieved prequalification with Z Energy and look forward to helping them with upcoming installations. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting endeavour.

Discover More:

To learn about other projects we are working on, visit our blog: link to the CMT Group blog. We invite you to explore how our commitment to sustainability extends beyond the realm of EV chargers.

CMT Group's collaboration with BP, Z Energy and Gobus in installing nationwide EV chargers marks a significant milestone in New Zealand's journey toward a greener future. By prioritizing sustainable initiatives and future-proofing our projects, we are actively contributing to reducing national emissions.

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