Summerset update July 2023

July 5, 2023

Our dedicated team has been working tirelessly to drive the project forward, despite facing challenges posed by the high water-table at the site.

In recent weeks, our focus has been on addressing the excess water issue to ensure the site remains dry and progress continues unhindered. Digging trenches for drainage, sewer, and communication pipes has presented a unique challenge due to the water-table. However, our team has been working around the clock, implementing innovative solutions to mitigate the impact of the water.


Despite the water-related hurdles, we can report significant progress in various areas of the project. The land clearance, including surrounding roading work, has been completed successfully with the help of multiple pieces of machinery. The foundations are being prepared diligently by main contractor Simcox, setting the stage for the construction of 267 villas, cottages, and units that will cater to the needs of Marlborough's aging population.


Our commitment to supporting Simcox to create an exceptional retirement community extends beyond providing comfortable housing. The Summerset Retirement Village in Blenheim will soon become a thriving community, providing retirees with an exceptional lifestyle and a secure future. Stay tuned for further updates as we continue to make remarkable progress.


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