Stepping Up Sustainability

November 3, 2021

As an ever-changing business, CMT Group are constantly looking for ways to improve and meet the demands from our customers and community. More than ever, we are aware of the impact the construction industry has on our environment. We take this seriously and have implemented plans to reach environmental goals to minimise waste and to use more environmentally friendly products to support our business.

Launching this month, we’ve invested in a new pallet wrap called “PureWrap” from Primepac. This has all the same benefits as typical wrapping but is made from sugarcane, a renewable source. The process to make the wrap takes more carbon out of the atmosphere than it produces. It can then be recycled using the same methods as typical shrink wrap. Why don’t you jump on their website and see how much CO2 you could save by making the same change?

Have a look at how it has been used to wrap some of our recent orders of tactiles.


Secondly, we have implemented waste sorting bins at our construction sites. Here we aim to reduce waste to landfill by 60-85%. The process involves having three main sorting bins/skips onsite for the disposal of plastic, paper, and metals. Timber waste generated get bundled up and resold.


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