High-Tech Hilti Hits CMT Group

January 3, 2022

The evolution of the digital age combined with a global pandemic have forced many businesses to re-evaluate current processes and procedures. As businesses grow and are forced to work in different areas under different conditions, one thing that needs to be carefully monitored is company assets.

CMT Group recently took the time to evaluate our internal systems to keep track of all our construction equipment and assets. With an ever-growing team, manual recording was getting tiresome and started to lack accuracy. We set out to make a change to improve some efficiencies and are excited to share with you, our experience. After some robust research, we’ve implemented a revolutionary cloud based software from Hilti called ON!Track

This service, has been customised to match our specific business requirements and has already enabled us to efficiently manage our assets, including technical data and service and repair records.

After all, Hilti's ON!Track solution was specifically designed to help solve problems and make it easier to manage assets, services, workers, and safety certifications.  Utilising a dedicated asset management software to control things like tools, equipment and jobsite materials, ON!Track provides instant clarity and efficiency to our business, and helps reduce operational and overhead costs.


So how does this cloud-based asset management system work at CMT Group?

Every single power tool has a barcode which requires using the app on your phone. Scanning the barcode brings up details such as what the tool is, how many repairs the tool has had, when it was last serviced and most importantly the location where it is and who it's currently been assigned to. You can switch ownership of the tool just by scanning the barcode with your app. Easy!

The team at CMT Group have taken on this new software and they love it. It simplifies their day-to-day workload and makes it a lot easier for their site manager. Terry tells us "It saves the usual headache of trying to locate a tool right when you need it. It couldn’t have come at a better time. Thanks Hilti for this fantastic software!".

Hilti listened to the feedback of the construction industry community and identified eight key areas to maximize efficiency and reduce excess spend. Take a look and see if it might be something that could benefit your business.

These eight key areas include:

  • Proactive Tracking Gateways
    Quickly check your inventory and track your tools and equipment with Proactive Tracking Gateways
  • Asset Management
  • All serialised and non-serialised items can be managed at your fingertips
  • Tool Park Optimisation
  • Optimise your tool park with data driven insights developed to maximise your productivity
  • Asset Cost Management
  • Manage your jobsite asset costs with cost reporting you can customise by specific asset, jobsite and time period
  • Record Management
  • Access service/maintenance and certification records. Also, set alerts to help you stay compliant
  • Active Tracking
  • Bluetooth tags deliver transparency on how, when, and where your assets are used
  • Software Integration
  • Integrate the ERP software you already use with ON!Track to exchange data via our public interfaces
  • Cloud Connection
  • Assets and usage detail are connected to the cloud so we can access the information from anywhere
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