Halswell hallmark- Opening of Ensign Street

August 21, 2023


We’re delighted to announce the successful completion of another Kāinga Ora project

Four new houses in Halswell will provide warm, dry sustainable homes for people in need. CMT Group’s first project in Christchurch with Kāinga Ora saw the construction of four one-bedroom single-story homes on a confined 809m2 lot.


The project commenced in December 2022, and our dedicated team, led by Project Manager Scott Burgess, has worked diligently with Kāinga Ora to ensure a smooth and efficient execution. Four houses constructed in less than nine months is a huge success.


Our team handled essential civil work, including the installation of utilities and the creation of concrete foundations with reinforcing steel support. Our top-quality craftsmanship means the main construction of the buildings was rolled out easily. From structural elements to finishing cladding and roofing, each stage was implemented with fine detail.


All four homes were designed and built to meet the 6 Homestar standard, ensuring eco-friendly and energy-efficient living spaces. Building a Homestar rated home goes beyond conventional construction approaches. It’s a commitment to creating healthier, warmer, drier, and more comfortable living spaces. They consume less power and water than homes built to the minimum standard of the New Zealand Building Code.



Our team's unwavering commitment to compliance with project specifications and local authority requirements was instrumental in achieving a great result. As we celebrate this achievement, we look forward to continuing our commitment to environmentally responsible construction and making a difference, one Homestar-rated home at a time.

Stay tuned for more exciting projects from CMT Group with sustainability in mind.


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