Fantastic Freightliner

March 30, 2023

It's not every day your whole office comes to check out the new addition to our fleet. Introducing our new Freightliner truck.
Capable of carting 29 tonnes of product, this vehicle means we’ll do less trips to-and-from project sites.


 It also has these amazing economy features:

✔️Pulls strong down below 1000 RPM so drivers can spend more time in top gear

✔️2nd Generation Amplified Common Rail System (ACRS™) optimises each injection event to minimise fuel consumption

✔️Advanced cooling system allows for decreased fan on time, minimising fuel consumption

✔️Available variable-speed water pump reduces load on the engine

✔️Usable power and torque reached at lower engine speeds, helping to reduce friction and improving fuel efficiency


This works well with our effort to focus on more efficiencies across the business.



Check out how chuffed Mike is with his new wheels – he’ll be the main driver of the new big-rig. He’ll mainly be carting gravel from our new quarry to our yard in Grovetown, Blenheim.



Thanks to Cableprice for making this happen and also to leedingsigns in Christchurch for their wonderful signwriting.


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