CMT Group construct a new website

November 4, 2022

We’ve recently launched a new, engaging website to help our customers get the information they need easily. In early September, we worked with local digital agency Downing Creative based in Nelson, to create a bespoke website, marking a significant branding evolution.

The story of CMT Group has recently come to a defining point in its lifecycle and a brand update was needed to reflect the offering of the business.

Previously known as Conpavers, MC construction and Total Tactilez, the company rebranded as CMT Group in 2018. Company founder Jonathan Faulkner says “It was the perfect time for the amalgamation and we’ve done a lot over the last four years to build equity in the CMT Group name”.

The initial brand update included the sub brands endorsed by the CMT Group logo. Each sub brand still had its own website.

From a quick research study, it was confirmed for Marketing Manager Michelle Burns, that the “CMT Group logo had been taken on fondly at a time when the business was growing exponentially. It’d quickly becoming a familiar name in Marlborough and Christchurch”.

2022 marked the perfect time to update the digital landscape to reflect what our customers were searching for. “We sat down and took the time to really understand why people are visiting the site. We have a dynamic range of visitors from commercial construction Project Managers, Civil Engineers, and even residential landscapers. So, we’ve had to make something special for each of them” she says.

There will be more tools coming in 2023 too, so stay tuned. Right now you can look at our projects, services and even try out our driveway estimator tool!


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