Charming in Christchurch

November 30, 2022

CMT Group is on the up and up. While our roots are in Blenheim, CMT Group can be found producing great work around the country. Recently, our Christchurch branch needed to add to their already overflowing premises, another office to accommodate their growing staff numbers. 


Made from recycled materials, the new build features a meeting room and office space with a professional, homely aesthetic for our dedicated office workers down south. Christchurch office manager Ross Baynes said “The timber feature cladding on the front wall is offcuts from the three bridges we constructed in Christchurch earlier this year. I felt it was too unique to throw away, so we came up with a cunning plan to incorporate the use of the valuable resource into our design. The guys who put it all together are all very proud of the finished product.”


The materials were recycled from the Ōtākaro Avon River Corridor project which involved the construction of three bridges, built at Avondale, Medway street, and Snell place. Replacing the old bridges was a big undertaking that aims to provide a range of environmental, social, and commercial benefits to the Canterbury population



The use of recycled materials is a way we can uphold our values as a company. Two of our core values as a business are humble foundations and building for the future. Being able to reuse materials that might otherwise go to waste allows us to make small steps to be better for the environment and less wasteful. The history of the materials also gives the office additional character and embodies the idea of humble foundations.



In addition to the new building, the Christchurch office has just obtained a new van for our growing fleet. A big thank you to Leeding Signs for the brilliant job making our signage. The sleek branding design helps to build awareness of our presence in the Christchurch Region.


If you’re after a new build, retrofit, or civil work, give our team a call.


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