Building brilliance on Brewer

November 7, 2022

CMT Group has handed over the keys on a huge project, the Kāinga Ora subdivision in Brewer Street, Blenheim. The contract was estimated at $4.3 Million and took 14 months to complete. Jeff Valk, the Construction Manager says, “This is our biggest project to date. Everyone in CMT Group played a role.”

The 14-house project allowed us to showcase our skills in demolition, underground works, civil, building, carpentry, concrete works, and more. It required the demolition of original housing before work could get started and was the largest government housing project in Blenheim in decades.

Each house features two bedrooms and very accessible amenities. Our in-house staff and contractors worked swiftly and safely to bring the vision to life for Kāinga Ora and provide vital housing for the community. Operations Manager Terry Faulkner added, “Scott Guthrie, Site Manager, did an immaculate job.”

However, no project is without its obstacles. Through adverse weather events, including the worst rain in July on record, COVID-19 lockdowns, and illnesses, the build progressed. The team found solutions for material shortages and external factors that otherwise prevented progress. We were able to overcome all problems and adapt as we went, to make the homes move-in ready.


Kāinga Ora Project Manager Andrew Wilson was pleased with the results and commented “I would like to personally thank you all for your fantastic collaboration, commitment, professionalism and workmanship throughout the delivery of Brewer/Pahuahi street. I know the business and the wider community are very excited about this development and you should all be very proud on delivering fourteen warm, dry, fully universal design, six Homestar and safe homes.”

He continues, “The new homes will have a vast improvement and provide security to all who may reside there. There have been lessons learned during this development which can be implemented into the Richmond/Charles Street development and future developments in both Blenheim and Christchurch regions. A big shout out to both Scott Guthrie and Jeff Valk for your patience, time, problem-solving, classic banter, and your can-do approach, very much appreciated.

I look forward to continuing our partnership and delivering additional homes. Well done all."


The keys were officially handed over after the local Iwi blessed the site.

We hope that Kāinga Ora and the new residents love the new homes and enjoy the care and hard work that went into making them warm and homely.


Check out this time-lapse to see how this project progressed.


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