Wellington Train Stations


Wellington Train Stations




October 2023


In a remarkable feat of precision and efficiency, our Total Tactilez team undertook the challenge of enhancing safety and accessibility at three Wellington train stations in October 2023. Under the leadership of operational planner Dave Chambers, our crew worked tirelessly to install an impressive 1,366.8 lineal meters of yellow polyurethane tactile studs within tight deadlines. Let's delve into the meticulous execution of these projects.



1) Paekākāriki Station: Setting the standard Paekākāriki Station marked the inaugural transformation within the Wellington region. Over a swift five-day period, our team installed 474 lineal meters of THIFS25YEL tactile studs. Strategically arranged in a large box shape around the station, these studs serve as a clear indicator for visually impaired individuals, ensuring safe navigation within the station's confines. The efficiency of our specialized drilling rig, boasting an impressive drill count, allowed us to complete this project at a rate of nearly 100 lineal meters per day, setting a new standard for speed and accuracy.


 2) Paraparaumu Station: Paraparaumu Station presented the largest challenge, and our team rose to the occasion. Installing a substantial 525.7 lineal meters of THIFS25YEL tactile studs in mere days, the project showcased the capabilities of our crew and machinery. The tactiles, arranged in a similar layout, serve as a comprehensive hazard warning system for the visually impaired, ensuring safety throughout the entire station. Our special cross-hatch pattern not only enhances anti-slip properties but also reduces the risk of slips and falls. This achievement is a testament to our commitment to excellence and safety.



3) Silverstream Station: Small but significant Silverstream Station was the smallest of the three projects, our team approached it with the same dedication. Installing 367.1 lineal meters of THIFS25YEL tactile studs in a brief timeframe, the tactiles, arranged on a smaller scale, provide crucial safety cues for those with limited vision. The vibrant yellow colour offers high contrast against the surrounding asphalt, signalling the proximity of the train station and instilling confidence in the low-vision community.


Total Tactilez commitment to safety, accessibility, and efficient project delivery is demonstrated in the success of these three projects. With more train station upgrades in the pipeline, we look forward to continuing our mission of transforming public spaces for the benefit of all. Stay tuned for further updates as we pave the way for a more inclusive and secure transportation experience.



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