University of Auckland Clocktower Tactiles


University of Auckland




November 2023


If you find yourself taking a wander down Princess Street in Auckland Central, you’re likely to come across an astounding landmark. The University of Auckland’s clock tower is quite a sight to behold. The intricate aesthetic design, adorned with artful arches and a plethora of windows, is quite hard to miss.


Our Total Tactilez team knew exactly what this building needed to step up its accessibility and safety. Every architecturally grand building needs an aesthetic safety solution to match. The main staircase was in need of some safety upgrades and the TTZ team stepped up.



Armed with our specialised drills and range of tactiles, we successfully completed the install of two 3.8m wide pads of tactile studs and  lengths of rebated nosings. The SH60N Stainless steel tactile studs in the natural colour provide a brilliant compliment to the dark tile of the stairs. Matched with the aluminium nosings, the tactile solutions fit in seamlessly while ensuring better accessibility for the visually impaired.


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