U Store-It

U Store-It is a complex of over 20 storage container units located in the sunny Blenheim, Marlborough region. The owner of the business approached CMT Group to explore ways of developing the land to create additional units and expand their current storage facilities based on the demand. This is project was undertaken by CMT Group from start to finish. The only exception was that of the plans and consents. The excavation, drainage, ground preparation, boxing, mesh and foundation slab were undertaken by Conpavers. The construction was started and finished by MC Construction. With all teams working together the project took over 4 months from start to finish. Working together the project took a little over 4 months from start to finish.


Projects such as these are our forte, where we handle everything from concept plans, consents and permits, groundwork through to construction and finish off with landscaping and fencing if required. On this project, the design had to incorporate the customers' preferred suppliers of interior partitioning systems which we worked around quite happily.

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