The Forum Blenheim

In the heart of Blenheim, we have given this popular common area landscape, a whole new look. Marlborough District Council had everything drawn up to bring more life to this little area of the town. The scope meant Conpavers had to create sloped grassed areas that were raised in order to increase areas for the public to laze on and relax in the beautiful sunshine Blenheim is famous for. This was achieved by elevating areas to create grassed seating areas using Corten steel, granite slabs and concrete to hold it all into place to give a modern, unique feature to the landscape.


In order to get all of this landscaped area, blockwork and existing paving had to be removed from around the trees and the new structures built up around them.

Landscaping, paving and concrete work, including paver laying were done by our specialised team. Marlborough lines installed the new street lights with new energy-efficient LEDs. While all work was being undertaken, we had our Traffic Management Team and

H & S on-site, to effectively and safely manage the car and pedestrian traffic and site, allowing staff to work with minimal disruption or hazard to the public. A lot of after hours work had to be done due to retail shops and minimal disruption to business.

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