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Tactiles 1


Total Tactilez provides solutions for the supply and installation of TGSI (Tactile Ground Surface Indicators) or studs and stair nosing.  Our team of sales staff and installers travel NZ wide / Pacific area and carry out all works in accordance with the relevant standards.  All staff are trained with the correct methods of TGSI installation to ensure the best and highest-quality finishes, every time. Our product is of the highest quality and will surpass any slip resistance tests. 


Our strengths include:

- Our own Health & Safety system and procedures backed by SiteSafe NZ to ensure a safe environment when we are on site
- Access to Traffic Control systems
- Core drilling equipment for TGSI installation into stone/granite surfaces
- Multi drill head drilling jigs for fast installation on train station platforms and bus stations - up to 32 meters drilling per hour (7,680 holes per hour)
- Water control systems for core drilling in buildings
- Installation shifts can be organized for any time of any day
- 5/10 year installation warranties (unless stated otherwise)

So let our team take care of your project. Total Tactilez will handle everything professionally to give you peace of mind during the project construction. You will know that we're the right team doing the job once we begin.