What sanitiser is best for your business?

It’s a task that’s become part of everyone’s daily routine, across all New Zealand businesses and the world. But the question is, what sanitiser should you be using at your workplace?

With the country recently going into the Red in the government's Traffic Light System, it's crucial that our environment at work, is clean. There are many products to choose from to keep your office free of germs, so we’ve done the hard work and reviewed sanitisers for you.

As stated by CMT Group HSQE Manager Michelle McPherson “It’s important to have reliable cleaning products that can be ordered easily, and don’t have supply issues”. That’s why we’ve picked these products as our favourite.

Sanitisers contain various ingredients across brands, so we’ve chosen two, one with, and one without alcohol to completely protect staff. One is also a spray, and one is an aerosol. With the spray you will need a disposable cloth or wipe to apply. With the aerosol, simply hold and spray onto desired surfaces and areas.

Here are our two top choices when it comes to sanitising in the construction industry:

1. Geller MedicShield Disinfectant Sanitiser Hospital Grade Trigger Spray 750ml

This disinfectant/sanitiser is a hospital grade hard surface cleaner and sanitiser. And as specified on it's label its proven to kill a broad range of bacteria and viruses and kills Coronaviruses including SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). This is typically used in medical environments, dental, aged care and laboratory facilities and has been designed to be pH neutral, therefore it's safe for the user and the environment where the product is being used. You can also be confident it won’t stain your favourite garment or carpet, so you don’t need to use protective gloves when you use it. It’s available in a 750ml or 5L container.

You can find this online at:


Counties Cleaning Supplies


1. Geller MedicShield Disinfectant Sanitiser Hospital Grade Aerosol 500ml

This is a highly effective alcohol-based sanitiser which also contains the MedicShield disinfectant for additional sanitisation. As stated on https://www.countiescleaning.co.nz this aerosol includes the additional "Power of Alcohol which will kill most bacteria, including mycobacteria, and is effective in concentrations over 60%." Alcohol in disinfectant and sanitising sprays has particularly good activity against viruses such as herpes, HIV and influenza, to name a few. Just give it a shake and spray onto your desired surface. Put the cap back on when not in use.

The Journal of Hospital Infection concludes: “Human corona viruses can remain infectious on inanimate surfaces for up to 9 days. Surface disinfection with 62-71% Alcohol significantly reduces corona virus infectivity on surfaces within 1 min exposure time."

You can find this online at:

Counties Cleaning Supplies

Waikato Cleaning Supplies


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