Past the halfway line

With the melodrama of COVID 19 still hanging serruptitiously in the air about us. There is a constant buzz in the air. Whilst uncertainty looms all around, our teams on the ground and in the trenches are busy, hard at work. With some businesses faltering at the strain caused by the added financial burden others are thriving. As Benjamin Franklin said "out of adversity comes opportunity". Within the walls of this company, opportunists abound.

The whole group seems to be riding the wave of optimism. Staff morale is at an all time high with new employees continually joining the ranks as the group continues growing. With subdivisions, roading contracts, residential house builds and safety improvement the group has not got all its eggs in the one basket.

This is not a blog toot tooting the current success of the company but more of a morale booster for those who are looking at a wall. Where some may see an opportunity to start a journey others may see it as the end of journey. Without adversity we would all flounder. It is needed to temper us and make us stronger.

For me personally it stems from faith. Faith in something higher than mere mortals, from a beginning, a creator. Way more than the 7% of my current brain capacity is capable of comprehending. With that said our Lord and God too said that He would test us. To ensure we have our faith set firm on Him. So in every aspect of our lives we will be tested and tried.

With all that said and done there still looms the possibility of another shut-down. Hierarchy and the powers that be, are deciding whether to pull the chords of commerce shut or whether to leave them be. Either way business will have to try and resume irrespective of what decision is decided upon.

I pray things would bring us all closer together whether there is another shutdown and closer to the truth that our Saviour is calling us to come to know him. In Him there is safety and protection.

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