A warm welcome to new team mates

It's been a while since we stopped to acknowledge some of our wonderful new team members. We're constantly growing and appreciate the new talent that join our team. Have a read about our newest staff below.

Jeff Valk - Construction Manager

Spending most of his career overseas Jeff Valk returned to his hometown here in Blenheim just six years ago. He began work for another local company on residential and commercial projects and in February 2022 he decided he was up for a new challenge and joined our team. Having a career of 30 years within the building industry he makes a great asset to the team.

Jeff has led teams across Australasia of up to 80 people working on commercial projects such as hotels, airports and hospitals. This involved being responsible for health and safety, staff management, workload management, product defects, liaising with their factory manager and staff, weekly reporting and making sure the projects met their deadlines.

Jeff believes in honest communication, positive feedback, being fair and turning up. He still enjoys getting on the tools and helping out his team. His strong eye for detail and strong work ethic is valuable to the team. Being a local, Jeff has obtained a vast network of contacts such as staff, clients, and council staff, which has given him the ability to allocate the ‘right person’ for the task at hand, and he prides himself on never missing a deadline or budget.

When Jeff isn't working he enjoys spending his time with his family. Great to have you on board Jeff.

Mina Georgy

Mina Georgy joined the team February 2022 and is already feeling like he has 'been here for ages'! Mina moved out from Egypt when he was just 9 and has been living in Auckland until 2021, now he is based in Christchurch with his wife and 9-month-old son. When he isn't working, he enjoys spending time with his family and is a keen fan of the Manchester United team of the English Premier League.

Mina started his career as a mechanical and Electrical Engineer and worked hard at his earlier roles to deliver plans, complete supplier negotiations, strategy, and work on making sure the margin of the project was profitable. Moving into the role of Project Engineer he enhanced his skills of negotiating with international suppliers, running custom and bespoke projects, building relationships with merchants, and finding areas of opportunity for sales.

From here, having the skills to communicate with his clients professionally and emphatically he wanted to move into a sales role and working more on business development. Having strong attention to detail and excellent customer service he makes a great asset to our team!

Mina's day to day job here will involve meeting clients developing business opportunities, helping out with tenders, plans for submissions, making sure specifications are being met and liaising with consultants and maintaining a steady pipeline of work for the business. Welcome Mina!

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