5 reasons you need a Hydro Excavation truck for your next civil project

Updated: Feb 2

If you’re about to start your next civil project, then why not consider using a Hydro Excavation truck?

Traditionally civil works such as installation of posts, poles, plumbing pipes and excavation have been done by hand. This is time consuming, poses safety risks to staff and can cause unnecessary damage to the surrounding land and wildlife.

A Hydro Excavation truck uses the process of pressurized water to remove soil by turning it into a dirt slurry. This slurry is sucked up into the truck and taken off site and transformed into dried, reusable material. This is a non-invasive way to remove soil for uncovering small patches of underground areas to locate utilities or to excavate at greater depths.

  1. Save time! A Hydro Excavation truck will save you more time that using traditional labours. Highly pressurised water is used with an air vacuum in the system to dig and move soil at a much faster rate that people with spades or an excavator.

  2. Save money! The unit will save you money because of fewer repairs and backfilling needed during a job. It’s so precise, less mistakes are made, and a cleaner job is done.

  3. It’s less impactful on the environment than other processes. The targeted system and vacuum mean that no extra soil or wildlife is disturbed during a project. Further to this, existing pipes and underground utilities can easily be avoided so no damage is made thanks to the precise action.

  4. Safety benefits are huge. The Hydro Excavation truck can be operated by two people easily without the need for extensive PPE gear. The system is confined and there is no risk of machinery accidents or construction mishaps. The truck can be positioned away from traffic to enable free flowing traffic through the site. The truck can also be used in restricted spaces such as a residential area or smaller commercial site.

  5. Resource can be delegated. The truck can easily move from job to job, freeing up your internal resource and enabling staff to concentrate of other priority parts of the project.

CMT Group have a Hydro Excavation unit that is available for site works around Marlborough. Get in touch with us to book it for your next project.


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