NPD Springcreek, Marlborough

NPD has purchased yet another property and has contracted CMT Group to tear down an iconic hotel to establish a new self serve fuel station. Conpavers will do all the earthwork, site work, civil, landscaping and concrete construction. This project entails the removal of asbestos prior to demolition and removal of all concrete floors and foundation. Remove 500mm across the entire site. Once the site is cleared then begins the work of excavation to lay hardfill, excavation and backfilling for inground tanks, compaction of the base, meshwork, formwork and boxing for forecourt slab preparation. Preparation of base and compaction for footings of signs and canopy feet. The concrete pour for all required areas of the forecourt and kerbing for the roadside and asphalt in the remaining parts of the site. All of this will be finished with the specified fencing landscaping and plantings to finish off the site to a high standard as required by our client

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