NPD Rangiora, Canterbury

NPD Rangiora is currently under construction. Groundworks began back in April 2019 and photos will be updated during the progress of the build. We have been contracted by Fuel Installations to do another service station for NPD. It just so happens that CMT Group did the entire project for BP on the opposite side of the road a year or so prior. Keep an eye out for the new NPD which will be opening soon.

The scope of works for this project is not as extensive as the service station opposite where MC Construction built retail shop through to building completion, but it is extensive none the less. It involves demolition and removal of the previously existing buildings, and foundations. Supply and spread of imported hard-fill for entire forecourt and asphalt areas. Trenching for drainage and wiring, installation of piping for water and waste concrete structures. Pouring deadmen for tilt panels, all formwork, steel reinforcing and concrete pour to forecourt, footings for signs and canopy feet and kerb and footpath works. Asphalt in areas required and finish off the site with fencing, topsoil, mulch and plants as chosen to complete the project.

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