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Kaikoura Aquatic Centre

Kaikoura Community Charitable Trust had been campaigning for a new swimming pool since the tragic and devastating earthquake of 2016 at magnitude 7.8 The earthquake destroyed many public areas one of which was the local swimming pool. $3.7M of funds from Lotto, Rata Foundation, government grants as well as local contributors have made it possible to build this new swimming pool. Since 2019 when the plans were drawn up the process took almost a year before awarding the project to CMT Group.

The groups ethos was to utilise as many local contractors to assist in the construction as possible. This was part of the groups effort to contribute towards the local economy, and help where possible by also purchasing from local suppliers.

Construction on the pool began in the last quarter of 2020 with completion in the first quarter of 2021. Weather played a huge factor in this construction with frequent sometimes unexpected changes occurring due to the location.