Christchurch Boys High School

Total Tactilez installed over 26,000 Tacstud Stainless Steel Stud Indicators in this project. The portion of work the Total Tactilez team was ready in stages beginning late in 2020 with completion due before the opening of school 2021. We were thrilled to work together with Southbase Construction on this and to assist them in this upgrade project for Christchurch Boys High School.

Not only were indicators installed but there were over 300metres of stair nosing required for the upgrade both internally and externally. Tredfx Domain Series DKR103 and Tredfx Podium Series PBD129 were selected by the architect. Our team installed nosing profiles in Natural with Black carb and Poly inserts where required. All was complete by the time school was to open in February.

Our professional, highly trained territory managers were proactive in finding the right products that met the needs of the architects as well as the budget. Providing all the relevant information, specifications and documents at the planning stage. Following through from the start to working in tandem with the tight schedule of the construction company. Our installers are helpful and professional meeting all health and safety standards so all concerned had peace of mind.

With a proactive approach from start to finish, everyone in the process can rest assured with specification, pricing, workmanship and warranties, this project will look good for many years to come and help keep all these young minds safe whilst learning.

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