Over the past five years with the new generation becoming more involved, Conpavers has become a great deal more focused on project management. This has allowed us to be able to undertake a very broad range of projects.
Our emphasis is on being able to provide a large range of services without overlooking the value of quality.
Some of the services we provide include:

  • Driveways and Footpaths

  • Civil and Drain Works

  • Streetscape and Park Landscaping

  • Landscaping for Subdivisions

  • Commercial and Corporate Design and Landscape

  • Service Provider / Cable Laying

  • Private developments

  • Landscape Supplies Road

  • Works & Re-Development

  • Outdoor Patio Areas

  • Maintenance on Footpaths and Paved Areas

  • Decking and Wall Construction

  • Research into suitable real estate for your project.

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