Catalina Cres
Catalina Cres

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Catalina, Blenheim

Residential construction is where all three branches of CMT Group come together perfectly. From the site clearing to earthworks, digger operators, drain layers, foundation and concrete placers together with our own builders make projects like this move along at a fast pace.


From a customers point of view they only have to deal with one point of contact. Design a Build companies are similar with the exception that the majority of the work is subcontracted out to other trades. CMT Group is the majority of the trade and are solely responsible for everyone done on site. Which shows the confidence we have in every project we are contracted to accomplish. Our trades are certified, competent and reputable men and women with good work ethics and follow sitesafe protocols ensuring everyone is safe. Customers and staff alike.


Residential projects are managed similar to commercial, where a preliminary plan is setup prior to signing a contract. Once a customer accepts and awards us the project then a program is set in place and all trades subcontracted out will be scheduled to do their specific tasks on the dates specified. All our customers will be able to follow the progress closely and watch excitedly as their dream home comes to fruition.


Our project managers will always liaise with our customers to keep them in the loop as there are always changes to perfectly planned projects no matter what happens. Irrespective the project program gets altered and everyone gets rescheduled to suit to deadlines.


Our aim is to take the stress out of construction and make an enjoyable memorable experience, not one that tarnishes a clients memories with issues and disappointment.