Education accessibility: Total Tactilez at Horowhenua College

Our Total Tactilez team have been at it again, optimising safety in schools across New Zealand.

Horowhenua College in Levin was in desperate need of some upgrades. It’s important to make schools accessible for all students, including those with visual impairments. Due to a recent review of their accessibility safety standards and the enrolment of a student with low vision requirements, the college received funding to undertake an upgrade. Our seasoned team of installers was ready to answer the call.

The school chose to work directly with us as we can provide incomparable project management, product supply and installation all within one quotation and one purchase order. This means the school did not have to deal directly with any tradies or installers on site – just our team.


The focal point of our intervention lay in enhancing stair safety.

Our crew diligently installed GKR017 yellow stair nosings along the edges of several staircases throughout the campus. These nosings not only cap and shield the stair edges but also provide a vivid contrast for the visually impaired, significantly reducing the risk of slips and falls.

To maintain aesthetic harmony, the main entrance received the distinguished brass look, matching its brass plaque. The choice of DKR103 in brass, complemented by the yellow carborundum insert, not only offered the desired visual contrast and safety benefits but also had a sleek and polished appearance.


Our commitment to safety extended beyond staircases.

We installed TKR016 on various door thresholds that required a slight step-up. These flat yellow carborundum strips serve as gentle ramps into doorways, improving numerous tripping hazards. The conspicuous yellow colour aids the visually impaired in identifying the slight incline. Additionally, we outlined numerous handrails and potential obstacles with matching yellow paint, significantly reducing the likelihood of accidents across the campus.



If you're tasked with a Ministry of Education safety upgrade project, Total Tactilez stands ready to lend our expertise. From offering tailored advice to seamlessly managing the project and installing the right products, we ensure a hassle-free experience, guaranteeing enhanced safety standards for educational institutions across New Zealand.


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