Echo Masts: Elevating The Quays to New Heights

Situated in the heart of Blenheim, New Zealand, the Echo Masts project has recently emerged as a distinguished exemplar of innovative design and meticulous execution. Commissioned by the Marlborough District Council and Blenheim Business Association, this undertaking has breathed vitality into the revitalized riverside enclave, known as "The Quays."

Between the months of November 2022 and January 2023, our team willingly accepted the challenge of transcending the conventional realm of construction. Beyond the mere formation of structures, our objective was to curate an experience. Our comprehensive approach spanned from the establishment of foundational structures to the meticulous application of finishing touches, seamlessly embedding the Echo Masts within their natural surroundings.


Our operational scope extended far beyond routine construction tasks, encompassing intricate activities such as excavation, tree relocation, underground civil engineering, and detailed landscaping. Each strategic step was a thoughtful manoeuvre, orchestrated with precision to seamlessly integrate the Echo Masts into the existing landscape. The result is an elevated and stylish public space within The Quays, where each visit tells a captivating story.


This venture transcends the confines of a standard construction project; it is an initiative aimed at crafting enduring memories and resonant spaces for the community. The Echo Masts, positioned as visual focal points, significantly contribute to the overall ambiance of The Quays, transforming it from a mere location into a distinctive experiential space. Our commitment to enhancing community spaces was thoroughly tested, and we adeptly navigated tight timelines, adapting seamlessly to the evolving requirements of our clients.



Throughout this transformative journey, we garnered valuable insights. The effective management of tight timelines necessitates robust communication and flexibility, aligning seamlessly with the dynamic needs of our clients. As the primary contributors to this monumental transformation, we demonstrated our unwavering ability to deliver a refined result to specification, minimizing disruptions even amid concurrent construction activities.


The Echo Masts project embodies CMT Group's unwavering dedication to metamorphosing spaces into community focal points. It transcends the mere construction of structures; it is about fashioning a legacy that infuses sophistication into the riverside, providing an artistic and functional sanctuary for the community. In its entirety, the Echo Masts represent the pulsating essence of The Quays, epitomizing CMT Group's proficiency in delivering harmonious and unforgettable solutions for the betterment of the community.


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